Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi! I am Hettie and welcome to my webpage. I created this blog as a project for Leonardo Articles, --an ESL and Web Design program. If you want to contact me, just use the contact form available on this website. Below is my CV, along with some samples of online sites and articles I posted earlier.

Graduated with honors from University of Toronto
7 years of content creation experience (in particular intended for Internet based readers)
7 years of website design experience.
Dedicated, team player worker with a taste for information.

Work Experience.
Leonardo Articles,2009 - Present
Office manager
In charge of organizing a international staff of writers to match a multifaceted set of growth objectives and goals.
- Create cutting edge records for production, growing production by 30% globally
- Properly operated continuous logs of task distribution
- Handled QA for worldwide generation over a sizable staff of writers

Self Employed Web Designer

Additional Abilities
Fluent in Macedonian
Outstanding competence utilizing various choice of office software

You can find my work on the following sites

Easton MD

Majority of these sites have already arranged a flexible itinerary fit for your day trip or night trip to help you schedule your time well so that you can be able to visit a lot of nearby places at one time thereby saving you time and money. But of course, this all depends on you and exploring these sites is never compulsory. If you have friends... More on this site..

Cheap Flights To Vancouver

You can book for cheap flights to Vancouver and experience almost the same comfort of travel while you save at the same time. If you are planning a trip to Vancouver at an affordable cost you... More on this page..

Fukushima Japan

When you happen to stay for a long time to have a nice vacation, you can choose from several different hotels to stay in. Five star hotels are... Find out more...

Haiti Earthquake Facts

Another earthquake hit the country in the year 2010. Last January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the country Haiti. It was at 21:53:10 UTC on Tuesday. It has stuck Haiti, near port au Prince, at a depth of 7.1 miles. The precise and accurate epicenter of the earthquake happen in Haiti was at 18.443°N, 72.571°W. There were almost 3, 500, 000... Read more..

Louisiana Tourism

The University of Loyola and University of Tulane could not do anything else about it but forcibly suspend at least a semester of classes. After the suspension of classes, many of their students did not come back to such universities. The said devastated places did not lose hope and painstakingly restored all the things that were lost and damaged by the natural disaster. In 2006, the New Orleans’ French Quarter... More on this site..

Manta Ecuador

The city also has an international cargo airport that can ship local products both domestically and internationally. During the years 1999 up to 2009, the air base of Manta has been leased by the US air forces to help eradicate drug trafficking in the country. This project was in conjunction with the local government of Ecuador. Their port was also the entry port of the French when they arrived in Ecuador to get the location of the... To read more click here...

Mileage Between Cities

Following after the computation of the three polar coordinates, the next thing to compute now is the interval of the two points. Using the equation c = sqrt((x1-x0)2 + (y1-y0)2 + (z1-zo)2), they compute the interval of the two different places. From the sphere’s center and also the polar coordinates of points, it had formed a triangle. The total range of the triangle’s edges is... Click here to continue..

North Bend Oregon

The Coquille Indian Tribe is one of the sovereign tribes of Native Americans that the United States Government recognizes. The Coquille Indian Tribe is the owner of many businesses in North Bend including a telecommunications provider,... Click here to read more..

Parkville MD

The summer season in Parkville MD normally brings significant moist with significant frequency of thunder storms. Spring season and autumn are generally considered to be pleasantly moderate based from the U.S standardized climate characteristics; however, intermittent snowing and rain fall sometimes takes... To read more click here...

Pittsburgh Attractions

The modern economy of the city has brought different immigrants from different countries like China and India. These immigrants have brought with them their traditions which Pittsburghers have adopted. In fact, you can find a number of Hindu temples in the city. For first- time vacationers, going around... Read more..

Quebec City Attractions

From the seventeenth to ninth century, this structure was built to protect the city from their enemies. These are built by English and French regimes and until now, the structure is still used to guard and defend their... More on this page..

South Carolina Tourism

Diverse animal and plant life, and forest landscapes are the highlights of this tourist spot. There is a selection of outdoor activities... Source of information..

The Dalles Oregon

The Dalles is the largest city in Oregon, United States. It is Wasco county’s county seat. The city’s name comes from a French word “dale” which means flagstone or sluice). The Dalles is considered as the end of the trail of Oregon. It is where the settlers had their wagons loaded onto barges and rafts then moved to... Click here to continue..

Waldport Oregon

You can avail of rental tents equipped with electric hookups. You can also rent yurts that feature bunk beds, a picnic table, a grill and electricity. The amenities available within the campground include restrooms and showers. There... Source of information..

Waldport Oregon

Campers can take advantage of the tents for rent which are equipped with electric connection. They can also be provided with camping accessories for rents such as bunk beds, a grill, picnic tables and electricity. There are also amenities provided for... Source of information..

Water Parks In NJ

So you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon without having to worry about getting sunburned. Get that rush of adrenaline by braving their 40-foot slides.... More on this page..

Wawanesa California

The Wawanesa insurance company has their US headquarters in the state of California, Sand Diego to be exact. This company is also able to do business in Oregon aside from California. But this company actually started outside of the country. This company was established in... Click here to continue..

Westminster MD

The neighbourhood and the gentle atmosphere has indeed established a trustworthy environment for families to build their houses within this city and with a vast and growing population, more and more people have come to see the exquisite and unique beauty of this place. Not only is it an excellent place for visitors and tourists to come and enjoy their holiday breaks but it is also a very suitable place for long-term... To read more click here...

Manzanita Oregon

It provides a nice camp site for putting up a tent, recreation mobiles, horse encampment, hiking and biking destination. In addition, its local airfield provides access for chartered... Read more..


The total population of Moscow totals over 15 million. It is where the biggest trades of the country take place. One of the great tourist destinations in Russia is St. Petersburg which is considered as the country’s cultural capital. In this city, you will experience a more... Source..